Shift Leader

Kansas City, MO 64106
United States

Law Enforcement / Military
Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required
Yes Criminal Background Check
From $17 To $16.85
Per Hour
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No Travel

Job Description
All applicants must complete an application to be considered - those submitting resumes only will not be considered.
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Circuit Court Of Jackson County, Missouri
Vacant Position

Position Title: Shift Leader 
Position  No.: 9060
Department: Residential Services - Hilltop - 11-7 Shift
Work Location: 301 NW Gregory Boulevard - Lee's Summit MO
Work Hours: 11:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. Tuesday thru Saturday;  additional hours as needed
Salary: County Paid Position - Non-exempt  Grade C 6 -  $16.85    Hourly

To oversee a shift operation in a juvenile residential treatment or detention facility.
40% Review, prepare and compose documents and information relating to shift operation.
Prepare various documents – both manual and electronic - related to the operation of a work shift, such as the performance of security and safety inspections, incident reports and medication logs;
review and complete all required staff reports, such as incident reports;
ensure that information is relayed to both management and staff from other shifts to provide for cohesive operations.
20% Oversee the operation of a treatment or detention facility shift.
Act as a lead worker in providing staff with guidance, direction and training in the performance of duties and based on policies, procedures and operational rules and protocols;
Responsible for the safety and security of both juvenile residents and staff, checking/correcting/reporting  situations or facility surroundings which may pose a risk and cause security breach or harm.
Ensure that assignments for the shift are carried out, such as transporting juvenile for appointments, medications are dispensed, etc.
Communicate with other shift personnel and/or management staff to ensure that they are informed of notable incidents or situations.
Intervene in crisis situations  resident/staff injuries or threat of injury, AWOLs, escapes, staffing shortages, inclement weather and other incidents.
delegate duties to be performed during shift, such as suicide watches and the dispensation of youth medications;
ensure adequate staff coverage, which involves contacting and scheduling backup workers;
ensure  facility surroundings are safe and secure for residents and staff and take appropriate action to correct or report deficiencies;
work scheduled assignments necessary to meet the Court's obligation to provide for the needs of youth residents, including mandatory overtime as required;
perform related work as required.
20% Perform duties of Youth Worker.
Supervise, monitor and provide guidance to residents;
Interact and counsel with youth on an individual and group basis.
Ensure youths’ daily needs are met.
Intercede in and manage conflicts among staff, residents, visitors, etc. through established de-escalation techniques, and which can involve physical intervention and restraint.
20% Coordinate activities for youth.
Coordinate on and off site recreational and leisure activities for residents. 
Ensure that youth are transported as necessary for appointments.
Education above the minimum stated may be substituted on a year for year basis for the required general experience.
Experience above the minimum stated may be substituted on a year for year basis for the required education.

EDUCATION: High School diploma or equivalent.
EXPERIENCE: Two years work experience with troubled youth.
Must pass IMPACT Promote Test. 
Must have valid drivers’ license from state of residence. 
If driving non-court vehicle for Court business, must have auto liability insurance and properly licensed and reliable vehicle. 
Must be able to provide proof of above. 
All applicants for this position are subject to testing for illegal drug use prior to appointment. 
Employees in this position are subject to random and reasonable suspicion testing for illegal drug use.
Final employment offer is dependent on successfully passing physical exam and physical abilities performance testing.
Must submit to and pass criminal background check as prescribed by Courts, Sex Offender Registry check, and MO and KS Child Abuse and Neglect checks. 
Due to the Court’s obligation to provide supervision for youth within its facilities seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, and to assure an appropriate staff-to-youth ratio, Shift Leader positions are considered by nature shift work, and work hours, and days off will be assigned by the hiring manager. 
The ability to work different shifts and different days, as well as mandatory overtime is considered an essential job function and fundamental to the work of a Shift Leader. 
Work days and hours and location assignments are neither permanent nor guaranteed. 
Employees may be reassigned to a different shift, work day, schedule, facility, department or job in the interest of safety and security of the youth and staff within a facility or to better meet the needs of the department or organization as a whole. 
Management may make changes to the organizational structure as needed, including but not limited to the reassignment of employees and positions, elimination of positions and opening, moving, or closing facilities and units.
Must be able to attend a scheduled consecutive two week orientation and training process. 
Knowledge of adolescent behavior; knowledge of various treatment and counseling modalities.
Ability to supervise, motivate, and discipline youth with behavioral problems.
Ability to restrain youth in a physical confrontation.
Ability to remain calm and in control in emergency or stressful situations.
Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, and to prepare clear, complete and logical reports.
Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
Ability to maintain effective working relationships with others.
Ability to make sound decisions in accordance with policies and procedures.
Ability to work and relate in a positive fashion toward individuals from diverse backgrounds and maintain effective working relationships.
Ability to project a positive role model.
Ability to operate a vehicle in a safe and prudent manner.
Ability to install/detach surveillance equipment, using a variety of small hand tools.
May work in a secured or non-secured juvenile residential facility; travel to youth homes, school and other locations which could be required during day or night in year-round weather conditions; intercede or be involved in physical confrontations and restraint and possible hostile confrontations with youth and families; may participate with youth in work or recreation projects; subject to youth who are aggressive and volatile and those who have psychiatric or other special needs; work mandatory overtime as required.  Constant noise on some shifts.
Interpersonal contact – 67-100% of time – Constant:  interaction in group and individual setting with youth; some who have emotional/mental health challenges.
Decision making – 67-100% of time – Frequent:  ensure proper response to youth needs.
Stressful situations – 34-66% of time – Frequent; de-escalate agitated youth and family members
Concentration – 34-66% of time – Frequent:  maintain proper head counts; conduct inventory.
Interruptions – 34-66% - Frequent:  altercations between youth; radio and phone calls.
STANDING -  34-66% of time – Frequent; monitor residents; activities.
WALKING – 67-100% of time – Constant; monitor residents; activities.
SITTING – 1-33% of time – Occasional; monitor residents; activities; completion  of incident reports; computer; office machines, while driving vehicle.
CLIMBING/BALANCING - 1-33% of time –Occasional; stairs; in/out of van; critical incidents involving safety and security require ability on demand.
STOOPING/KNEELING/CROUCHING/CRAWLING – 1-33% of time -  Occasional; physical restraint; administer first aid and CPR; room checks; critical incidents involving safety and security require ability on demand.
LIFTING/CARRYING/ PUSHING/PULLING - 100 lbs. – Lifting objects occasional; must be able to  use physical restraint on demand when working with possibly violent or aggressive youth; moving materials and objects.
HANDLING/REACHING/GRASPING/FEELING – 1-33% of time – Occasional; keyboard; walkie-talkie radios for security purposes; telephone; moving materials; physical restraint; feeling in unseen areas for contraband
KEYBOARD OPERATION/ WRITING – 1-33% of time – Data entry; completion of forms and reports.
DRIVING/TRAVEL – 1-33% of time – Travel to required training/meetings; transport youth to home visits and family members for group participation; transport materials; operate van; travel to youth residents and other locations as needed; transport youth to appointments and services; travel to other facilities and area locations in year-round weather conditions. 
VISION – 67-100% of time - Color perception, depth perception, reading/close up work; field of vision peripheral.  Monitor youth; activities; critical incidents involving safety and security.
Normal speech – 67-100% of time - Constant; hear resident and staff activity both within and outside field of vision; critical incidents involving safety and security.
Faint sounds – 67-100% of time – Constant; resident and staff activity; critical incidents involving safety and security.
Telephone/walkie-talkie radio – 1-33% of time – Occasional; critical incidents involving safety and security require ability on demand.
SPEECH – Must be able to speak and understand English clearly to provide detailed information by telephone and in person.
In Person – 67-100% of time – Constant; communication with residents, staff, etc., critical incidents involving safety and security.
Telephone/walkie-talkie radio – 1-33% of time – Occasional; critical incidents involving safety and security require ability on demand.