About This Employer

Penske Transportation Solutions

1111 North Century Ave
Kansas City MO 64120
United States
Penske Corp in whole is a 33 billion dollar company. Our positions fall under our Truck Leasing Division. However, we have several different divisions, covered below.
• Penske Automotive Group, we own dealerships globally
• Team Penske, we have our own race team. We are involved in NASCAR and Indy Races. Our founder and Chairman Roger Penske was a NASCAR driver
• Penske Logistics (PL), we do 3rd party warehouse management, supply chain, consulting, and brokerage. One of our big PL customers is Starbucks, we manager their warehouse and the trucks and the truck drivers that deliver to the stores is manage by Penske as well.
• Penske Truck Leasing – that’s what a lot of people know us for, the trucks on the road! Penske is 10 % consumer and 90 % commercial. Meaning, we have companies renting/leasing our trucks and contracting maintenance – we have our own technicians, if a company has their own fleet and doesn’t want to maintenance their fleet Penske will do it for them. We only keep our trucks for 7 years and we prep them for resale. We already have 2022 in some of our fleets and are always working with the most updated technology.