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Jackson County Department of Corrections

1300 Cherry street
Kansas City MO 64106
United States
Jackson County Department of Corrections Johnathan Baldree
The Jackson County Department of Corrections is an adult local detention facility. The Department is charged primarily with the care and control of adult pre-trial offenders; post-trial offenders awaiting sentencing; municipal appeals; offenders awaiting pre-sentence investigations; as well as offenders awaiting probation and parole hearings, holds from other jurisdictions, and those sentenced to one year or less. While in custody, the Department will maintain the care and custody of inmates in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and County statutes.
The custody of inmates is maintained through positive, proactive interaction with staff and an objective inmate classification system. Inmates receive fair, impartial, and humane treatment in a safe environment. Through programs, the Department promotes opportunities for positive behavior, growth, and self-sufficiency. Inmates will have opportunities to improve their behavior through incentives for positive behavior and sanctions for negative behavior. The Department ensures that the inmates' basic daily needs are met through a sanitary and safe environment, a nutritionally balanced diet, and adequate health care.