Manufacturing Automobile Production Associate

30 Funston Rd.
Kansas City, KS 66115
United States

Experience Required
To $18.00
Per Hour
Employment Type
Work Schedule
No Travel

Job Description
Join the Leading Automotive/Truck/Utility Van Industry at Driverge Vehicle Innovations!

Driverge Vehicle Innovations is the industry leader in building commercial shuttles, wheelchair accessible vans, transporters, and small buses. With our expertise and recognized excellence, we cater to Healthcare, Fleet Services, Personal & Medical Aid customers, while also providing innovative solutions for travel and recreation with our camper vans across North America.

We are currently seeking a skilled Production Associate to join our team. Enjoy a perfect work-life balance with regular business hours, allowing you to spend quality time with your family and pursue your passions outside of work. If you're passionate about the automotive industry and love working with cars, this job is tailor-made for you!
Installation of vehicle accessories

Disassembly and reassembly of vehicles
Documenting service and installation actions according to company standard operating procedures
Performing electronic troubleshooting and automotive maintenance
Job Requirements
Solid comfort and experience using a variety of power tools such as bandsaws, circular saws, jig saws, routers, solder and soldering irons, micro torches, drills, screw guns, utility knives, and air saws
Proficiency in measuring and using a tape measure
Ability to read blueprints effectively
Capability to work with chemicals
Preference for individuals with vocational school, automotive/trade school, or auto dealer experience
Experience working with automotive electrical and mechanical systems
Strong mechanical aptitude
High School Diploma or GED equivalent required
Valid/Active Driver's license required (some positions do not require this)
Enjoy 4 - 10-hour workdays (Monday to Thursday, 5 AM - 3:30 PM) and mandatory Fridays if scheduled (5 AM - until released).
Katie Averett
4199 Kinross Lakes Pkwy Suite 300
Richfield OH 44286
United States
MobilityWorks Katie Averett