Restaurant Manager

Blaze Pizza
11983 S. Black Bob Rd
Olathe, KS 66062
United States

Job Start Date
Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
Employment Type
Work Schedule

Job Description
The Restaurant Manager, reporting to the General Manager, is ultimately responsible and accountable for all restaurant activities at all times. All activities of the Restaurant Manager are expected to be consistent with and supportive of the restaurant’s business plan. The Restaurant Manager ensures all restaurant management and Team Members are performing their job responsibilities and meeting expectations in all areas of their job descriptions.

Guest Satisfaction
• Models and creates an environment in which the guest is always right; ensures a positive guest service experience
• Responds positively and quickly to guest concerns and follows up with team to prevent issues from happening again
• Maintains restaurant at the level necessary to meet or exceed the company standards for consistently providing Fast, Fun, &Friendly
B.L.A.Z.E Service which consists of
B-IG FRIENDLY SMILES – being super friendly,
L-IVELY FUN INTERACTIONS – having fun and showing your personality,
A-LWAYS SAYING “YES!” – always doing your best to accommodate guest requests, going really fast –
Z-OOM!, and
E-XCEEDING EXPECTATIONS by impressing guests

Training & Development
• Follows the steps outlined in the Blaze Training Method to train new skills, duties, and responsibilities
• Treats all employees with dignity and respect
• Prepares qualified employees for promotion to the next position. Continually develops adequate numbers of
Shift Leaders to meet the objectives of the business plan
• Trains, coaches, and provides regular performance feedback to motivate and improve the performance of all employees
• Makes tough decisions regarding all performance-related issues in the restaurant
• Provides appropriate and effective counseling and/or discipline while maintaining proper documentation for disciplinary situations
• Communicates team goals and expectations to all employees as outlined by the General Manger; coaches and motivates employees towards achieving team goals
• Assists the General Manager in hiring high quality people who demonstrate and ensure consistent guest satisfaction
• Ensures all employees are trained, motivated, and empowered to deliver total guest satisfaction. Evaluates each employee’s ability to maintain high levels of food quality, guest service, and restaurant cleanliness
Business Management
• Works with the General Manager to develop and execute the business plan for the restaurant (fiscal responsibilities, manpower planning, and local store marketing)
• Achieves results by planning, communicating, delegating, and following up
• Takes calculated business risks to achieve specific results. Makes good business decisions independently
• Meets long and short term employee staffing needs as outlined in the business plan
• Analyzes business performance; initiates appropriate corrective actions in conjunction with the General Manger when deviations occur from financial expectations
• Assists the General Manager in executing company-wide marketing programs
• Initiates programs on time, correctly, and with minimal direction
Appropriate and fair Business Practices
• Serves as a role model and sets a positive example for the entire team in all aspects of business and personnel management
• Holds employees and self accountable for the methods and processes used to achieve results
• Practices equal opportunity employment, non-discrimination, and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance
• Ensures all labor laws (federal, state, and local) are followed
• Follows procedures to maintain the safety and security of employees, guests, and company assets (building, cash, equipment, & supplies)
Job Expectations
• Supports the General Manager with effectively planning, organizing, and implementing all daily operational routines and activities
• Completes all required administrative duties and daily paperwork including required checklists
• Follows all company guidelines for food and cash controls; follows all cost control guidelines to maintain and minimize restaurant costs; properly uses all products, supplies, and equipment facilities
• Able to establish an environment of trust to ensure honest, open, and direct communication
• Role models and sets a positive example for the entire team in all aspects of business and personnel practices
Job Requirements
• Good verbal and written communication skills; is capable of communicating effectively with upper management, guests, and co-workers; bi-lingual skills are a plus.
• Experience
• Must be completely certified on all stations using the Blaze Training Program. Must be a minimum of 21 years of age.
• Must have reliable personal transportation to work, a valid driver’s license, and proof of insurance.
• Accessibility
• Must have telephone or other reliable method of communicating with the restaurant, employees, and upper management. Must be accessible. Must maintain an open door policy.
• Able to work a standard 50-55 hour work week. Able to work flexible hours necessary to manage and operate the restaurant effectively. Able to work the days and hours designated (scheduled) by the General Manager.

Physical abilities
· Able to stand for long periods of time
· Able to bend and stoop
· Able to work around heat
· Able to work around others in close quarters
· Able to lift 50-75 lbs. comfortable
· Able to work long hours

Skills & abilities
• Ability to get results through others; takes initiative
• Organizational, planning and time management skills
• Ability to comfortably interact with all guests & co-workers
• Ability to look at the restaurant operations from a guests point of view
• Ability to meet performance standards for assigned tasks and duties
• Basic knowledge of computers
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